Redrow Homes at Luton

Phi Group are currently on site carrying out the design, supply and installation of one of our Textomur reinforced soil slopes for Redrow Homes London, at their Saxon Square development in Luton. The site is split onto two phases, with phase one being the construction of four apartment blocks for Redrow Homes London, and phase two being undertaken by Redrow Homes Eastern. This phase, known as Eaton Green Heights, will be mostly traditional housing and will have more retaining structures required which Phi Group have already designed. Where possible we are using the site won chalk to form the reinforced soil mass, which requires careful management on site to ensure the material is kept in optimum condition.

Our colleagues at Keller's Foundations division are also on site installing piles to support the foundations for the new apartment blocks, and also a small section of king post walling that our Textomur butts into. This king post wall will be extended in phase 2.

Once phase 1 is complete we will upload a full case study, so keep checking back.