Gabion Retaining Walls & Architectural Cladding

Gabions are a very simple gravity retaining wall system using steel mesh cages that are then filled with a large angular stone. The gabions are manufactured from either woven wire, or more commonly a welded mesh steel. The welded mesh gabions offer a more rigid front face to achieve a more uniform finish. Design life can be from 50-120 years depending on the corrosion protection and whether the gabions are pvc coated.

The gabions themselves are relatively inexpensive, but there is a very large regional cost difference regarding the cost of the 150-20mm gabion stone that is required to fill the gabions. Typically the further south in the country you are the more expensive the stone infill will be. This means that the structure depth has a big bearing on the cost of the gabion wall. As the infill stone is large and angular, the density of this fill will be lower than that of the Permacrib or Andacrib walls that use a 75-40mm stone. This means that a gabion structure will be deeper than a Crib structure would be, therefore more expensive in terms of infill material required. 

Gabions are also used extensively as architectural cladding to buildings. We have carried out numerous cladding projects and would be happy to advise you if required.


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