Vertical Reinforced Soil Structures

Phi Group can provide a range of different facing options for vertical reinforced soil structures. The most common is the modular block facing. This is typically a 'split face' finish, where two blocks are cast together and then split when cured. The benefit of this system is that it is immediately serviceable, and requires no further facing as a sheet piled or reinforced concrete retaining wall would. They are aesthetically pleasing and offer an architectural finish. The fill material to the rear fo the reinforced soil structure need to be an imported granular material, similar to SHW 6I/6J graded stone. This means that they will be more expensive than the reinforced soil slopes, that are more likely to be able to use this site won fill, due to the need to import and possible muck away material.

A range of reinforcement types can be use, such as geogrid, steel ladders, steel strips or polyester strap. Our own system, called Titan, uses steel ladder reinforcement. However, with our extensive experience in the construction of retaining walls, we can also offer a labour and plant service to install other modular block and concrete panel faced reinforced soil systems.


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A time lapse video of our record breaking project for Volker Fitzpatrick at Daventry Rail Freight Terminal.

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