Architectural Gabion Cladding & Freestanding Walls

Over the last few years we have undertaken numerous gabion cladding projects. More often gabion, once only used as a method of retaining, are also being used as an attractive cladding solution to buildings. They are also used to form free standing visual and acoustic barriers. 

There are various ways to attach the gabion cladding to buildings and Phi Group will be happy to advise you which is the best option.

Firearms Training Facility, Portishead

Working for Miller Construction, Phi Group installed gabion cladding for this new building, constructed in an old quarry, and designed to blend in to it's surroundings. The building was high, which meant that we had to work off scaffolding.

Nandos, Rugby Retail Park

Gabion cladding to a new Nando's restaurant with free standing gabion feature walls.

Akeley College

Free standing gabion walls