Epping Forest Retail Park

Phi Group were contracted by McLaughlin & Harvey to carry out the design, supply and installation of two reinforced soil structures at a new retail park at Epping Forest, on the border of Greater London and Essex. Following on from several successfully completed projects with MCLH, we commenced on site in November 2016 and completed our works in January 2017.

The site was an existing brownfield site, that required widening to increase it's developable footprint. This new embankment was to be placed on top of an existing embankment comprising of fill material. This posed an interesting geotechnical challenge, as any new structure would be placing additional loads on this existing material and presenting potential global stability issues. It was apparent that the foundation soils would be need to be improved, and it was decided that the installation of vibro stone columns was the most cost effective and appropriate solution.

This is exactly the type of project where Phi Group being part of Keller, and being able to call on their expertise and range of solutions, meant that we were able to provide the Project Engineer Pinnacle very early pre-tender advice regarding the geotechnical issues. This meant that all potential risks were properly considered and planned for. It also meant that MCLH were offered a complete geotechnical solution. Keller were also awarded the contract to carry out ground improvement works for the new retail units. All the geotechnical works were neatly packaged up into one contract to minimise risk, programme and cost for MCLH, Pinnacle and the Client.

The first structure to be built was a Textomur reinforced soil slope constructed at 65 degrees. Once the vibro works to the Textomur foundation zone were completed, the Textomur construction commenced, with the reinforced soil material placed and compacted around layers of geogrid reinforcement to form the reinforced soil mass. The Textomur reinforced soil slope, which will develop into a natural landscaped green face in time, is 81m long and has a maximum retained height of 6.60m.

The second structure constructed was one of our Titan modular block faced reinforced soil structures, built near vertical. The Titan structure is 119m long with a maximum retained height of 6.30m. This works on exactly the same principal as the Textomur, but uses steel ladder reinforcement as opposed to geogrid and a high quality split faced block for the facing.

Between the Textomur and Titan structure, there is nearly 1,000m squared of retaining walls on this project. A fantastic project that Keller as a whole are very proud to be involved in.

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A time lapse video of our record breaking project for Volker Fitzpatrick at Daventry Rail Freight Terminal.

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