Great Western Electrification

As part of Network Rail's modernisation of the Great Western route, parts of the track are undergoing electrification. To enable this to happen, transformer units need to be installed. One such unit was required at Christian Malford in Wiltshire. The levels adjacent to the track needed to be raised so this transformer unit could be installed at the correct level. As levels were being raised the use of reinforced soil techniques are ideal, with the material being placed and compacted in layers around the reinforcing elements.

In this instance Network Rail specified our Textomour green faced reinforced soil solution. We were contracted by Global Rail Construction Ltd to carry out the design, supply & installation. The Textomur slope was 76m long, up to 3.0m retained height and with a face area of 220 square metres. Even given the remote location of the site, works were completed on time and on budget.

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