Interlink Leicester

In 2015 we commenced work on the Buckingham Group Contracting project in Leicester for a new Interlink Depot. We designed supplied and installed three of our BBA Certified Permacrib timber crib retaining walls and also one of our Textomur reinforced soil slopes. We became involved with Buckingham Group at an early stage and assisted them with various options for the retaining walls required on site. This collaborative approach meant that both Phi Group and Buckingham Group were able to provide the most cost effective and buildable solution, to meet the Client's requirements.

The retaining walls were required very early on in the programme, and to facilitate this we undertook the excavation for the retaining walls. We also supplied and placed all of the required backfill material to the rear of the retaining walls. This meant that Phi Group were responsible for not only the retaining walls but also the associated works, which meant that Buckingham Group were free to carry on with other programme critical works on site.

The three BBA Certified Permacrib timber crib walls were over 475m in length, a maximum retained height of 4.50m and a total face area of 1,000 square metres. The Textomur green faced reinforced soil slope is up to 4.50m high and a face area of 250 square metres.

This project was a great example of how early involvement with stakeholders can pay dividends. Get in touch to see how we can add value to your next project.