Jaguar Land Rover, Wolverhampton

Phi Group have recently completed the design, supply & installation of two Permacrib timber crib retaining walls at the new Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing facility near the M54 at Wolverhampton. We have a history of working for Jaguar Land Rover, and have built several walls on their various sites.

On this occasion the Principal Contractor is Vinci, with whom we enjoy an excellent working relationship. Programme was a key issue, and speed on construction was very important as the largest of the two Permacrib walls is supporting the new car park. To ensure there were no delays, we included within our package for the excavation and the backfilling to the rear of the Permacrib wall. This meant that Phi were self sufficient and Vinci could carry on with works elsewhere on site.

Two walls form this part of the contract, with the largest being 350m long, with a maximum retained height of 4.14m and a face area of 1,300 square metres. The project was completed on time and on budget. Key to this was the early involvement with Vinci, to ascertain the most cost effective and buildable solution was utilised.